ODIS training

ODIS Training Course Audi Volkswagen Seat and Skoda

Going on an ODIS Training course can only be the best thing you can do, if you are a Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda specialists.

ODIS can seem a daunting platform on the one hand … on the other hand, with the knowledge, its a very powerful tool. Using ODIS in the correct manner is paramount, for the effective and efficient first time repair.

Why use ODIS in contrast to a generic tool or VCDS?


ODIS gives you the ability to:

  • Remove component protection
  • Program keys from the dealer
  • Update control module firmware
  • Carry out online coding
  • ADAS radar and camera calibration
  • Study Circuit diagrams
  • Lookup Technical service manuals
  • View PR Codes and full vehicle build information
  • Search TPI ( Technical Product Information ) Technical Bulletins


The above functions are just a few of the functions which dealer equipment can provide along with fault code guided test plans. Investing in dealer equipment and training staff is the only sustainable way forward.


ODIS Training Course is provided by Jon Morgan, an excellent technician and a brilliant trainer. He offers one to one courses or a small group. This to make sure everybody gets the maximum out of each session and comes out with a feeling of ease with the system.



Address: Stockport, Cheshire SK74RY

Email: jon.morgan9@btinternet.com


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To get started with ODIS you will need to register with Erwin Volkswagen and other brands.

Toughbook Connector

Diagnostic Interface USB

The Diagnostic Interface USB connector may seem a little weird, well in-fact, its is to domestic users. Panasonic shipped Toughbooks as standard with this port on the rear for Volkswagen. Although, it may be a standard USB on the inside, the connector isn’t. Fischer and ODU manufacture these connectors and ports with ruggedness and poor environments in mind.

The VAS 6154/A diagnostic interface cable will look like this (male connector on the left) with the port on the machine looking like the female receptacle on the left.

Toughbook Connector

Unless your machine was purchased straight from Volkswagen. Connecting your VAS6154 via USB to your machine seems impossible, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel. With this little cable below, you can connect your Diagnostic interface as a proper USB device.

The Part number of this cable is ASE40525800000, which is available through your local TPS. This will solve your non factory supplied machine issues regarding Fischer connections.

For further support or setup help please email me at info@turner-online.com

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VAS 6154A

VAS6154A Diagnostic Interface

The Interface

The official diagnostic interface supplied for use with ODIS is currently the VAS6154A Diagnostic interface. It is successor of the VAS6154 Diagnostic interface. This is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. Where as, the older VAS5154 Diagnostic interface is now incompatible with any ODIS version running on Microsoft Windows 10 officially.


In addition ODIS from version 7.0, will not Install on Microsoft Windows 7, therefore, the VAS5154 should be discarded. The VAS6154 is still a valid diagnostic interface, however, it will be incompatible with the newer platform vehicles due to an encryption used on their diagnostic interfaces. Vehicle Diagnostic Protection (SFD).

The VAS6154A is available from your local TPS using the Genuine part number is ASE40543101000.


Setting up VAS6154A Diagnostic interface

The DI (Diagnostic Interface) has the following capabilities of connecting to ODIS:


  • USB
  • WiFI
  • LAN


Hosted internally, this device has its own web interface for configuration. Connecting to the docking station is essential to access the setup web interface initially. Here are the steps required to get into the setup web interface (Please install ODIS before hand).


  • Remove the DI from the box
  • Remove the WiFi adapter from the box ( small grey cube with a micro usb plug )
  • Plug the WiFi adapter into the end of the DI
  • Now the DI looks complete


The Next step is to plug your docking station into your machine.


  • Remove the docking station from the box.
  • Insert the single end of the double ended USB into the docking station.
  • Insert both ends into a USB port each on your machine.


The docking station requires more current than a single USB port can deliver, therefore, it has two connections.


Now the setup process can begin. The default IP address of the DI when in the docking station, is please put this into your web browser. There will be an on screen setup guide, walking you through the steps to connect your DI to your existing WiFi infrastructure. Once finished you ready to remove the head from the docking station. The docking station is no longer needed and can be stored away. Upon successful configuration the next step is a case of using ODIS diagnostic interface menu to search for your new VAS DI.

For further support or setup help please email me at info@turner-online.com

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ODIS License

ODIS License creation on VAG Erwin

Generating an ODIS License on Erwin can be straight forward, however, it is easy to get it wrong. The instructions below will make life easier.


An ODIS license will need to be generated for every brand you use. The last license file created will be the file that will be needed to install ODIS. This “last” file will also contain every previous brand you generated a license on.


If you own multiple machines running ODIS. The process of generating a license will have to be repeated for each of them. This is because the hardware ID is different for every machine.

Please note that some Microsoft Windows 10 updates change your machines hardware ID, therefore, periodically you may find an error when loading ODIS after such an update. This process of generating an ODIS licence will need repeating over again for each machine.


The above screenshots show how to access the page to generate a license. Your ORG ID is a string of two country letters followed by 5 numberical numbers. For Example GB01390, to generate a liscense you also need to add the manufacture identification at the end.

  • Audi = 0
  • Volkswagen = 0
  • Volkswagen Comercial = 0 (this is generated with the Volkswagen brand automatically)
  • Seat = S
  • Skoda = C

for example on the Skoda Erwin site your ORG ID would be GB01390C and with Seat retrospectively GB01390S.


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For further support or setup help please email me at info@turner-online.com

Installing ODIS

How to Install ODIS

This post is about how to Install ODIS.

From January 2020, ODIS has now dropped support for Microsoft Windows 7, However, you can continue to use Microsoft Windows 7 until Software Installation version reaches 6.0. At this point you will have to upgrade your machines operating system to Microsoft Windows 10 to continue official ODIS use.



Installing a clean copy of Windows 10 and obtaining copy of the ODIS Software Installation Files is the key to a no hassle first time setup. The next step is to tick the prerequisite boxes, to enable installation and therefore full online access.


The Installation

Once all of the above is in place, you can begin to install the Software Installation file. This will then proceed to ask you for your license.dat and begin to install the shell of the program.


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