Spare Car Key Replacement

Having a Spare Car Key Replacement for your Volkswagen Audi Seat or Skoda is a wise choice if you have lost a key or only have one key.


Why have a spare car key?

No one wants to be stranded in the supermarket, with a trolley full of food realising you have lost your key and do not have a spare, even worse if it started to rain. We are in England after all!.

When more than one person uses the same car, sometimes its easier to have your own, after all you don’t have one key to share for your home right?.

Having a spare makes it easier to get a replacement, if you have only one key and you loose it? well then your stuck in that supermarket car park again, oh wait its poring now.

Having a spare key will save you a lot of money, calling a locksmith out for an all keys lost scenario isn’t cheap.


What’s the difference of getting a key here than from anyone else?

Volkswagen ( Seat Skoda and Audi ) keep their immobiliser information on a central server in Germany. This includes:

  • Keys
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Engine ECU
  • Transmission ECU
  • Convenience unit
  • Electronic Steering Lock


Information from each component is now stored online on the central server. Meaning each car has to mirror the server. Consequently if a unit doesn’t match, it gets essentially removed from the vehicle. When using the Volkswagen Diagnostic Platform.


When ordering a key from the dealer it goes like this:

Key ordered to VIN > Key made to VIN > Key is precoded with immobiliser information for that car > Key information stored on the server > Key cut > Key sent to dealer > Dealer programs the precoded key to car > Customer happy.


When ordering a key from an auto locksmith

Key Cut > Key is precoded with immobiliser information for that car > Key information is not on the VW Server > locksmith programs the precoded key to car > Customer happy.


Here is a scenario, six months later the instrument cluster fails. A Volkswagen specialist using the Volkswagen Diagnostic Platform, replaces the instrument cluster and the customer supplies only the new locksmith key. Volkswagen doesn’t recognise this key information, the key is now rejected, as only one immobiliser part can be replaced in one go, rendering car keyless. However, the original key will work providing the customer hasn’t lost it, on the other hand, if they have, the car isn’t going anywhere soon.


When I produce a key, they are matched with information which is stored on Volkswagen’s servers. Ruling out any possible issues in the future. Peace and mind to everyone.


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