ODIS License creation on VAG Erwin

Generating an ODIS License on Erwin can be straight forward, however, it is easy to get it wrong. The instructions below will make life easier.


An ODIS license will need to be generated for every brand you use. The last license file created will be the file that will be needed to install ODIS. This “last” file will also contain every previous brand you generated a license on.


If you own multiple machines running ODIS. The process of generating a license will have to be repeated for each of them. This is because the hardware ID is different for every machine.

Please note that some Microsoft Windows 10 updates change your machines hardware ID, therefore, periodically you may find an error when loading ODIS after such an update. This process of generating an ODIS licence will need repeating over again for each machine.


The above screenshots show how to access the page to generate a license. Your ORG ID is a string of two country letters followed by 5 numberical numbers. For Example GB01390, to generate a liscense you also need to add the manufacture identification at the end.

  • Audi = 0
  • Volkswagen = 0
  • Volkswagen Comercial = 0 (this is generated with the Volkswagen brand automatically)
  • Seat = S
  • Skoda = C

for example on the Skoda Erwin site your ORG ID would be GB01390C and with Seat retrospectively GB01390S.


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