Toughbook Bios Password Removal for Panasonic

Toughbook BIOS password removal

Believe it or not your BIOS is the most important part of your machine. No BIOS no Boot. I have come across many Toughbooks with BIOS issues.

The main issue is where a CF-52 CF-53 CF-54 CF-19 ect.. has been bought with a supervisor password, this is an issue as explained in my Explore more page. Click Here to Explore More.

People have bought either a file or a bios chip online and fitted without knowing the true consequences.

The BIOS chip contains not just your BIOS firmware, but also other firmware for example Intel Management ME Firmware and GBE Firmware.

All of these play a massive part in your machines operation.

I commonly see ME firmware corruption on these bought BIOS’s this is where ” you press the power button and the power lights come on, the screen is blank. then 30 seconds to a minute later the machine decides to post”. Then the machine will also display driver errors code 10 cannot start in the ME firmware and the network card fails to install drivers initially.

Another issue is all of your machines information is lost forever. Serial Number, Model Number, Asset tag, MAC address.

I can recover lost serial numbers within Panasonic Toughbook Bios for machines.

Lastly if your machine is Windows 8 or Newer natively, your Microsoft operating system activation licencing information is stored here also.

Using a file or online bought chip, your machine may never activate windows automatically. You may have to purchase a new copy of Windows with a product key.

Luckily I can carry out Toughbook BIOS password removal without flashing a new file or without changing the chip. Keeping all of your information intact.

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