How to download ODIS Software

How to download ODIS Software for free officially!

ODIS software is distributed by Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda and is then hosted on their retrospective Erwin websites. Free of charge, I must say. To obtain a copy to download, sign into a branded Erwin site, Erwin Volkswagen, for instance.

What you need to know

To register for Erwin free > Erwin registration

Want to find your local importer > Importer list.

Using ODIS requires registration with you local importer. Once registered you will receive an OrgID, Global User ID and a Token (GeKo) for security work.

Your OrgID is your organisations identification to Volkswagen. You will also be given a Global User ID and Password which is your username to access all areas Volkswagen including ODIS.

If you apply for security clearance they will send you a token, which acts as a password generator for carrying out security related tasks (GeKo) , such as, key programming, component protection removal and SVM activations. There is a longer list than that i must add.


The Software

The software installation and update files are identical across the brands, however, each brand uses their own flash files therefore they will need to be downloaded individually.

Two main sections make up ODIS. The first part is the software installation, in other words “the shell”. The second being the Update, this contains the guts.

Using an analogy the Software installation being an empty house, in addition, the update section, filling the house with furnishings.

Software installation: (629 MB)

Update: (14373 MB)


Furthermore to the above. Odis has regular changes to the Update file, this can be used on its own, as long as the software installation version is identical to yours. Every now and then, a new main software installation version is also available. As a result you are required to re download ODIS, both the software installation and the update, then install them in tandem.

Erwin Links:

Volkswagen Audi Seat Skoda

To help familiarise yourself with an Erwin website, i have selected a few screenshots. This should help you locate the software on the majority of the Erwin branded sites.

Erwin Volkswagen

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