Services Available to you

Computer and Laptop Repair

Is your computer suffering from boot issues or is it just running slow. I can get you back up running in no time.

Data Backups

We all know how important it is to backup, but we don’t all do it, with most information stored digitally its vital we do, for more information get in touch.

Software & Hardware Installation

This can be a daunting process especially if it goes wrong, having started with Windows 3 through to now Windows 10 i can guide you through any issues smoothly.

Malware and Virus Removal

Short of your Desktop or Laptop exploding having virus’ or malware on your machine is possibly the worst thing ever, as your data and anything you type can be potentially accessed on an infected computer. For years i have been fighting these computer diseases and can treat them back to health.

 Remote Access

If your having technical difficulty that just can’t wait, being able to remotely repair  your computer via the internet is just another trick up my sleeve.

Networking & WiFi Issues

This is where my specialist area is, if your having connectivity issues or drop outs, years of experience can help you diagnoses the root cause and create a solution to restore connectivity.

Having your home computer running smoothly and virus free is essential, whether your internet banking or creating a Facebook post nothing could be worse than an intruder messing things up or even stealing your information.

As you may or may not know Microsoft have pulled the plug on Windows 7, what does this mean? it means you may now be vulnerable to cyber attacks or cyber security threats.

Don’t panic yet, Windows 7 could well be safe for a month or two until new security flaws have been found by cyber criminals.

There is Hope, Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 re-protects you against such threats and also includes its own anti-virus and malware protection.

This means your free to go about your daily routines just like before, and the step up to Windows 10 isn’t that scary, you will find it has a lot of similarities with Windows 7 with addition to Apps which has been brought over from Windows 8.

From upgrades to repairs on all Desktops and some laptops you will always be online if you use Turner-Online.